The Tyee Club is taking action to prevent further vandalism in the parking lot for their wharf on Tyee Spit.

Campbell River Tyee Club upset about parking lot vandalism

The Tyee Club is paying several thousand dollars worth of damages to fix up their parking lot on the Tyee Spit after vehicles damaged the surfaces by spinning doughnuts.

Floyd Ross, a director of the Tyee Club, is calling the acts vandalism.

“We have on one occasion had a licence number and witnesses of this taking place during the day,” he said. “This was given over to the RCMP that I believe then issued a warning to the vehicle owner.”

The parking lot, which is not only used by the Tyee Club but also the public who come down to enjoy the spit and the estuary, is now uneven and bumpy, making walking difficult for everyone. Water is also accumulating in the ruts where it didn’t before.

The worst part, according to Ross, is that the vehicles are flinging rocks while they stunt.

“They are also throwing rocks down at the wharf where there have been a float plane tied as well as Dragon Boats and sports fishing boats,” he said. “Rocks could be heard bouncing off the metal wharf.”

Ross has reported these incidents to the police. He also said that the Tyee Club is pursuing the installation of a security camera system.

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