UPDATE: Misspelled highway sign placed at city boundary

Urban boundary marked by typo

It appears your local newspaper isn’t the only places to find typos.

An alert Campbell River Mirror reader pointed out a mistake on a sign marking the southern boundary of the City of Campbell River on Jubilee Parkway.

The sign says “Entering Campbell River Urban Bundary (sic).” Boundary, of course, is spelled wrong. But don’t blame the city, that sign was placed there by the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure.

City of Campbell River communications manager Julie Douglas said the city is requesting the sign be corrected and replaced.

Jubilee Parkway between Highway 19 (Inland Island Highway) and Highway 19A (Old Island Highway) is a provincial highway. Jubilee Parkway from Highway 19 to the Campbell River airport is city owned.

But hey, mistakes happen and people take different views of that. The sign garnered some attention on social media.

One person said, “YES, mistakes are made. This one WILL COST tax payers $$$$$$. Maybe someone should proof read before going to print, just saying………….”

Another was more forgiving: “What an embarrassment? It’s a spelling mistake lol sign makers make mistakes in their jobs just like the rest of you. Our company didn’t make this sign but it’s a highway sign most likely ordered online. Sign maker missed it, person that approved proof missed it. Installers missed or didn’t care! but it’s an easy mistake to make and it’s kinda sad everyone’s being so crass about it. I’m sure you all never make mistakes at your jobs!”

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