Mike Davies/Campbell River Mirror The School District is mulling feedback from schools on how to spend their $270,000 portion of Student Learning Grant.

Campbell River School District taking school feedback on spending supplies and equipment money

$270,000 Student Learning Fund injection to be used for supplies and equipment

Late in February, the provincial government announced another one-time funding injection for school districts called the Student Learning Grant, and the Campbell River School District (SD72) is currently trying to figure out how to spend their portion of it.

SD72 Secretary-Treasurer Kevin Patrick told the board at a recent public meeting, that the fund is meant “to be spent on learning resources, supplies or equipment to help ensure that classrooms are well resourced. For our district, that’s about $270,000, and we have taken the question of how to spend it to the schools. We’ve received some feedback, but we haven’t processed that feedback as of yet.”

He also told the board that while it would obvioulsy be better to get those resources into the schools themselves as soon as possible, there’s no rush in terms of having the money disappear if it doesn’t get used immediately.

“It’s a one-time fund for this year, but funds that aren’t can be carried over to next year, as well,” Patrick said.