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Campbell River RCMP describe violent incident as ‘disturbing event’

Skatepark incident described by RCMP as ‘violence for violence[’s] sake’

Campbell River RCMP are seeing a spike in incidents of violence for violence’s sake, according to the latest community update from the detachment.

Though the total number of files are down from the same time last year, the RCMP are seeing an increase in “disturbing events that appear to be violence for violence[’s] sake,” including a recent event at the Willow Point Sportsplex skatepark where several individuals were seen on social media ganging up to beat up one other person.

To say the least, what occurred in that video appears criminal in nature, said Const. Maury Tyre. I cannot stress to guardians enough, talk to the youth in your care (your kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, foster kids) and explain to them their legal jeopardy in regards to ganging up on someone, especially if they get injured.

The release said that these kinds of incidents seem to be happening amongst the younger population. Tyre went on to stress that posting criminal offences on social media is a “foolish” thing to do, since it makes locating and identifying suspects easier for police and shows a misunderstanding of how widely these kinds of posts can be disseminated.

“If anyone, young or old thinks that a swarming kind of behaviour is acceptable, then its truly time to re-assess the functionality of their moral compass,” the release read.

Domestic Statistics for August 2020

Domestic incidents decreased in August over the same period in 2019. However more work is needed. Of the 38 files reported in August, many were not specifically assaults, rather people who are having trouble dealing with disagreements in socially acceptable ways.

Many of these events are screaming and yelling matches or threats which are called in early to the police and the events are able to be de-escalated and a violent offence is able to be prevented, said Tyre. “We really need to thank the public for reaching out to us early in these instances. Unfortunately people often feel the need to air their disagreements and concerns when they are at the height of their emotional frustration and it’s very risky.

“The common recommendation to the arguing parties is to walk away from the moment and come back to the problem, calm and willing to have a civil conversation. Never engage in serious disagreement discussions that requires logical thought when you are intoxicated. It’s far too often, something minor can turn into something major with the introduction of liquor or drugs,” he added.

Those who are the victim of or know a victim of domestic violence are asked to call the RCMP at 250-286-6221 or in an emergency call 911.

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