Campbell River RCMP. RCMP photo

Campbell River RCMP. RCMP photo

Campbell River RCMP respond to weapons call on Robron Road

After hour-long containment, weapon determined to be BB gun

Campbell River RCMP responded to a report of a man outside someone’s window brandishing a gun at 300 Robron Road on Thursday evening.

The initial report was that loud bangs had been heard and the person with the gun went into a nearby housing unit after waving the gun around.

A witness who called the police told the Mirror the incident began with a fight between two people in the unit in question. The witness requested anonymity.

“There was a fight about half an hour to an hour before the incident happened with the gun.

“There’s been lots of incidents before, and we just ignore it because of where we live, so we just left it alone.

“We were just getting our kids to bed, and then we hear a bang. I look out my daughter’s bedroom window and the house right across there was a guy with a black hood hanging out the window with the gun aiming it at me, at the window, out in the back patio.”

Although there have been multiple incidents in the area, the witness said they did work hard to make the community a nice place to live. Their children help clean up the neighbourhood, but these kinds of incidents have been frightening.

“We’re just helping make this place a better place, and for that guy to wave it around outside the window and us hearing the ‘bang, bang’, and hearing my [child] screaming, it was just a scary time,” they said.

Members of the Campbell River A Watch, Police Dog Services and the Community Response Unit responded to the call. They contained the area and told people to come out of the home. Multiple people opened the door and then refused to comply with police before closing the door again. Police entered the home approximately one hour after the incident began.

No injuries were reported.

“When police are directing people, it is extremely important for them to follow instructions, that cannot be stressed enough,” said Const. Maury Tyre, who was on scene at the incident. “In this case, the professionalism and patience of the members at the scene ensured nobody was injured, but with the actions of the people in the residence at the time it could have easily turned into a tragedy.”

The firearm was recovered from an individual who exited the unit, and it was determined to be a BB gun.

“However, it appeared to be very real,” indicated the RCMP press release.

At least eight people were in the residence at the time of the incident. Police are reviewing the incident to determine if any further actions are to be taken.

This story has been updated to include the witness’ statement.

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