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Campbell River PAWS sees outpouring of support on ‘Betty White Day’

Call out in memory of late actor generates thousands in donations
Betty White Donations come at an important time, with “kitten season” fast approaching. Photo by Sean Feagan/Campbell River Mirror.

The Campbell River Partners for Animal Welfare Society (CR PAWS) received thousands in donations after Betty White Day, an online challenge held in memoriam of the beloved actor.

Betty White, a Hollywood stalwart known for her role on the sitcom Golden Girls, died on Dec. 31, 2021. Many were saddened by her passing, not only for their reverence for her, but also because her death fell just over two weeks shy of her 100th birthday, on Jan. 17.

Throughout her life, White reportedly loved animals and advocated for them. So in her memory, an online challenge started in the weeks before her birthday for social media users to donate to local animal support organizations on Jan. 17, referred to as ‘Betty White Day.’

The CR PAWS board learned about the challenge about two weeks ago, after one of the board members saw it mentioned online and decided they would join in, said Angela Caparelli, president.

“Betty White was such an advocate for animals — it was a great way to honour her,” said Caparelli.

CR PAWS promoted the challenge through its social media, and from there, word of it spread.

The amount of support they received was substantial. As of Jan. 19, the organization received more than $5,000 in donations, with still some more cheques coming in.

“The amount of support we received from this challenge was amazing,” she said. “The fact that all this support came in on one day is phenomenal. We have not seen anything like that before.”

The support comes at an important time, as “kitten season” is fast approaching.

“It will help support us spaying and neutering kittens as they come into our care, supplying food, and helping with vet bills,” she said. “It will help in many different ways.”

That success shows just how much regard people had for White, she said.

“The fact that so many people honored her in this way, just shows me that she’s affected so many lives through the years.”

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