Drugs are tested for the presence of fentanyl. (Vancouver Coastal Health photo)

Drugs are tested for the presence of fentanyl. (Vancouver Coastal Health photo)

Campbell River overdose advisory extended for third week

Increased toxic drug supply found in community

The overdose advisory for Campbell River has been extended for the third week in a row.

The advisories, which are issued for a seven day period, have come out because of an increased toxic drug supply. The first advisory came out on April 13, and has been extended on both April 20 and 27.

Island Health collects data on overdoses and has seen an increase over the past few weeks, resulting in the advisory. Advisories have been issued for communities across Vancouver Island including Victoria, Nanaimo and the Comox Valley.

If you witness an overdose, call 9-1-1 immediately. Island Health also says to provide rescue breathing and to administer Naloxone.

Strategies for safer use include visiting the local Overdose Prevention Service, located at Unit 5, 1330 Dogwood Street in Campbell River. OPS staff will check drug supply. Other tips are to carry Naloxone and to have an overdose response plan, to do a test hit before the regular hit, and to avoid using drugs alone. If using alone, be close to help. Some sources of assistance are the LifeguardApp (www.lifeguarddh.com), or to contact the National Overdose Response Service at 1-888-688-6677. Finally, Island Health recommends using with a friend and staggering use so that the other person can respond in the case of an overdose.

More information on overdose prevention services can be found at the Island Health website. Island Health also listed https://getyourdrugstested.com/ as a resource for testing drug supply anonymously by mail.

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Overdose advisory issued for Campbell River


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