Housings on the back of Roy Tarr’s Tabbert camper trailer show the missing lights that were stolen on the Family Day weekend. Photo by Alistair Taylor/Campbell River Mirror

Campbell River man wants his rare set of stolen camper lights back, no questions asked

Roy Tarr just wants his camper lights back.

They’re kind of rare, hard to replace and were stolen from his camper parked in his Galerno Road yard sometime over the Family Day long weekend.

“They’re part of the actual molding of the vehicle, which is the annoying part,” Tarr said. “They’re really irreplaceable.”

They’re part of a German-made trailer and the replacement parts are not available in Canada. Tarr has already made inquiries in Germany and he’s waiting back for an answer. That’s if the parts can be found from a wrecker.

Although it’s an older trailer, a 1990 model, it still has good value. The inside is very nicely finished with oak wood. The Tarrs were going to put the trailer up for sale this year because both Tarr and his wife have both had surgeries and are finding the camping life may be getting too much for them.

The missing lights could impact the sale-ability of the trailer. It certainly prevents it from being moved other than by a towing company.

The lights are very distinct and they’re probably not going to custom fit any other kind of trailer. Anybody who puts them on another model or make will probably see they stick out like a sore thumb. So, the Tarrs are willing to take them back or if anybody in town notices someone installing ‘different’-looking lights, they’d appreciate being contacted.

“If anybody wants to bring them back and put them under the trailer there, there’ll be no questions asked,” Tarr said. “I just want my lights back.”

The police were called and they said they’ll check out pawnshops and keep an eye out for them in their patrols but they don’t have much else to go on.

If you want to put them back, they can be returned to 1657 Galerno Road or anyone who can help with information is asked to call 778-420-1232.


Photo shows Roy Tarr’s camper before the lights in the bottom left and righthand corners were stolen.