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Campbell River Hospital Foundation launches lottery

The money raised will go towards the purchase of two brand-new pieces of equipment

As nurse Sheri Drover excitedly clutches her lottery tickets, she’s torn.

As much as she’d like to have the winning ticket, Drover also wants as many people as possible to buy one of the limited number of tickets. That’s because this is no ordinary lotto draw.

The lottery is a fundraiser sponsored by the Campbell River Hospital Foundation to raise money for the hospital.

The money raised will go towards the purchase of two brand-new pieces of equipment.

The first is a video processor for the endoscopy unit at Campbell River Hospital. The machine, which can detect cancers and gastrointestinal tract bleeding, will allow a physician to see the progress of a scope on screen. Having the machine will also relieve some of the pressure on the busy endoscopy unit which performs 10 procedures a day, five days a week.

The machine will be the second one of its kind at the hospital which means one machine will be able to remain in the endoscopy unit at all times. Currently, the machine has to be transported up to the Operating Room and Intensive Care Units if needed, disrupting the list of patients in the endoscopy unit waiting for a scope.

“Now that we do endoscopy five days a week, our list is on average 10-12 cases a day, five days a week, plus on-call services,” said Drover, clinical co-ordinator for surgical services at Campbell River Hospital. “Just having it here – it’s fantastic.”

Lottery proceeds will also go towards the purchase of a rotating Intensive Care Unit (ICU) bed, which among other things, helps to prevent bed sores in patients.

The beds provide continual rotation to help decrease the chance of a patient getting pneumonia or pulmonary complications while bed ridden. The bed can also be converted into what’s called a cardiac chair, which helps patients to sit up.

The bed is aimed at reducing the length of a patient’s hospital stay by promoting progressive mobilization before they are physically able to stand, said Stacey Marsh, executive director of the Hospital Foundation.

“The bed can sit up for them, so when they’re going to try to walk again, they’re not going from lying flat on their back for a week to getting out of bed,” Marsh said.

While the hospital, and its patients, are the ultimate beneficiaries of the lottery, those who purchase tickets have a one in 5,000 chance of winning one of three prizes.

The grand prize is a $20,000 travel voucher to fly anywhere in the world; second prize is a two nights stay at Sonora Resort, valued at $3,600; and third prize is a backyard barbecue package, valued at $1,200.

Tickets are $40 each or three for $100 and must be purchased in B.C.

Tickets are available at the Campbell River Hospital Foundation office at the hospital, Quality Foods, the Travel Place, or online at

Lottery winners will be drawn on Friday, March 14 at 12 p.m. at Campbell River Hospital. For more information, call the Hospital Foundation at 250-850-2418.