The Coast Discovery Inn is expected to close as of March 7 but businesses leasing space from the hotel owner are staying open.

Campbell River businesses at the Discovery Inn to remain open

Businesses which rent space from the Discovery Inn want the public to know they will still be open if the hotel closes

Businesses which rent space from the Discovery Inn want the public to know they will still be open for business, even if the landmark hotel does close down.

Three businesses which are attached to the hotel building – Industry Hair Salon and Body Care, Uniglobe Travel, and Preston Jewellers all intend to stay open.

The local businesses lease space from Coast Discovery Inn owner and general manager Sukhy Bains who served notice to the health and hospitality union, Unite Here Local 40, that he intends to close the hotel March 7 due to financial reasons.

Sam Hubbard, whose family owns Industry Hair Salon and Body Care, said although her back doors open to the hotel, her business is separate.

“Business is not at all affected by the closure,” Hubbard said.

“We’re business as usual.”

The hair salon has only been open for three months and Hubbard wants the community to know she is still welcoming customers and she’s here to stay.

The modern salon not only does hair care, but manicures and pedicures and offers clients a complimentary cup of green tea and a glass of champagne.

A couple of doors down, Preston Jewellers, which was purchased by Brian Preston and his family in 1975, is also business as usual and Preston intends to keep it that way.

“The location is fantastic, with great parking and a central location” Preston said. “However, since the sad news that the hotel will be closing it’s doors, we’ve had numerous questions as to what will happen to us. We are all very concerned about the employees and owners at the DI. Because the Discovery Inn is simply our landlord, we will continue renting our location. It’s really a perfect spot, and we are not part of the unfortunate circumstances they are in. Preston Jewellers will continue in business at their location in the base of the Discovery Inn as it has for the past 40 years.”

It’s the same story for Uniglobe Travel, which is located next door to the hair salon.

Uniglobe owner Julie Huff said she also intends to keep running her business out of the Discovery Inn building.

“As far as I’m concerned, we’re open for business,” Huff said.

Meanwhile, Bains has served notice he intends to close the hotel, but Shelly Ervin, an officer with Unite Here Local 40, said Bains “has made comments he wants to open non-union.

“It does not make sense that the hotel will close prior to the busy season, especially since he has recently put money into the hotel to renovate it.”

The hotel employees have filed a decertification application to break away from the union.