The annual Greenways Land Trust Broom Bash is being held tomorrow on the Myrt Thompson trail.

Broom is in bloom

Have you noticed broom is blooming again?

That means it’s time to bash broom!

The annual Greenways Land Trust Broom Bash will be held on the Myrt Thompson trail on Saturday, May 14th.

“Myrt Thompson is an important Environmentally Sensitive Area on the Campbell River Estuary that Greenways is working hard to restore,” said Sandra Milligan, Greenways President.

The impact of a large group working together is very significant, which is why the Broom Bash is being held at Myrt for a second year running.

“Invasive removal is an important part of other ecological projects happening down at Myrt Thompson,” Milligan said. “In 2012, 300 trees were planted at Myrt through the TD “Take Root” program and in 2015 70 volunteers planted 600 native trees, shrubs and ground covers as part of TD Tree Day. Removing invasive species, like broom, will help these trees and shrubs survive.”

The 2016 Broom Bash will start at 10am and finish around 12 noon.

For those unfamiliar with the Myrt Thompson trail, look for the signs at the end of Maple Street by the Quinsam Hotel.

Volunteers should be prepared for the weather and wear sturdy shoes.

Gloves and cutting equipment will be provided.

This is always a fun event and families are welcome.

For more information, call Greenways on (250) 287-3785 or email