Britain is free of the shackles of the European Union

In response to Jocelyn Doll’s article on Brexit I can agree with one of her points that she is not an expert on the subject!

She wonders where peoples’ compassion is when it comes to the open borders, she is clearly getting a bit muddled with the compassion my fellow Brits have with genuine refugees and the open borders that allow young aggressive men to flood into the EU to cause trouble and who are not refugees in any sense of the word.

How about Canada having a free right of passage to these people? Ms. Doll says, regarding the fact that terrorists have arrived in the EU, under the guise of being refugees,  that she doesn’t understand why people are letting their fear cloud their better judgement. Really, you would be OK if this happened here in Canada?

I notice Canada vets who comes in under the refugee status, would these young men be allowed free access? I don’t think so.

Also Ms. Doll mentions the lies put out by the Leave campaign but doesn’t mention the lies and blackmail put out by the Remain campaign, much like the news media over here only one side has had the publicity. George Osborne, Minister for Finance, and the embodiment of both Britain’s ancient regime and the banking mafia in Europe, threatened to cut £30 billion from public services if people voted the wrong way; it was blackmail on a shocking scale.

Many more lies were told by Remain than Leave. The majority vote by Britons, including myself, to leave the European Union was an act of raw democracy.

Millions of ordinary people refused to be bullied, intimidated and dismissed with open contempt by their presumed betters in the major parties, the leaders of the business and banking oligarchy and the unelected bureaucrats in Brussels.

Just imagine for a moment that Canadians have to abide by laws and regulations foisted upon them by people they haven’t, indeed can’t, vote for.

Just imagine when Canadian judges rule on, for example, the deportation of  foreign criminals, having that judgment overruled by  a foreign court.

The EU is fundamentally protectionist having to resolve endless conflicts between the interests and aspirations of 28 disparate member-states before the UK can even sit down with potential trading partners and start negotiating.

After Brexit, the UK will be free to pursue relations with China, India, the USA, Canada and South America, or anywhere in the world in a single-minded way that serve the interests of Britain, not Brussels.

I remember my country before we were sold down the river in 1973 by PM Edward Heath who admitted he lied to the British people about joining a “common market” knowing full well we would not have voted to join this ‘club’ of dictators.

Now the country will be free once more and the people will have democracy again once Article 50 has been invoked and the shackles of dictatorship are finally shed.

Jane Davies

Campbell River