BC Hydro to help clean up graffiti

BC Hydro will join in the fight against graffiti in Campbell River

BC Hydro will join in the fight against graffiti in Campbell River.

The utility will provide the city with $3,000 annually to be put towards efforts to remove the work of taggers.

In exchange, city staff and recruited volunteers will remove any and all graffiti on BC Hydro property and equipment found within the city boundaries.

The agreement between Hydro and the city was approved by council at its Tuesday night meeting.

Coun. Ron Kerr praised BC Hydro for its financial contribution and its commitment to keeping the city graffiti-free.

“I would like to thank BC Hydro for helping to make Campbell River a cleaner city,” Kerr said. “I’ve been involved in graffiti removal in Campbellton with the Campbellton Neighbourhood Association and the Baptist church, and this partnership with BC Hydro will allow it to become a city-wide initiative.”

BC Hydro has agreed to provide the city with paint in official BC Hydro colours, as well as any decals that may need to be affixed to BC Hydro distribution equipment.

The utility will also supply a safety awareness sheet outlining potential hazards of the equipment that may need to be cleaned.

Under the city’s public nuisance bylaw, property owners who are victims of graffiti are required to remove the tag within five working days and those who don’t can be fined $250.

The bylaw imposes a fine of $500 on offenders.