B.C. Forestry Alliance says more aid for forest industry and communities needed

Group delivered petition at last week’s rally at legislature calling for working forest

The B.C. Forestry Alliance (BCFA) is calling on the provincial government to protect the current harvestable land base and establish a “working forest” that will sustain the forest industry now and into the future.

“Last week over a thousand people showed up on the front lawn of the Legislature because they are deeply concerned about their future in B.C.’s forest industry,” Steve Venus, one of the grassroots organizers with B.C. Forestry Alliance, said in a press release. “These are hard-working people and they presented a petition with 8,000 signatures calling on the government to ensure a predictable and long-term fibre supply.”

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The rally was held on the same day as the release of the 2020 provincial budget. The NDP’s budget had little assistance to offer the struggling forest industry, the BCFA says.

“Throwing a few million dollars at the industry is a band-aid approach. We need long term solutions for a struggling industry,” said Carl Sweet, spokesperson for the BC Forestry Alliance. “Securing a long term fibre supply on the harvestable land base is what we need. This will create opportunities for new investment. It will also give workers the opportunity to become more skilled and therefore more competitive in the global market.”

The BC Forestry Alliance is looking forward to the government’s reply to the petition. In the meantime, the Alliance will continue to advocate for a sustainable and renewable working forest.

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