Another mine bus hits the ditch

A Wilson’s bus on its way to pick up employees at NVI’s Myra Falls Mine went off the road Monday.

A Wilson’s Transportation bus on its way to pick up employees at NVI’s Myra Falls Mine went off the road Monday because of brutal road conditions.

Wilson’s General Manager Joe Jansen says he is concerned about the efficiency of road cleaning crews and he wants to explore some options to better manage the risks posed by bad weather.

Jansen says the bus did not roll and the driver was not injured. He said one of the company’s long term drivers reported that driving conditions at the time were as horrible as he has ever seen.

The mishap was considered minor and the RCMP did not investigate. In mid-December 12 mine employees were injured, two seriously, when a Wilson’s bus rolled.

“I’m concerned about the way that they (road crews) handle the cleaning of that road. This is of concern to us. I understand road conditions can deteriorate. There are contracts on cleaning and maintaining that road. Our drivers are constantly witnessing vehicles that are off the road.

“One driver had to stop because there was a tree across the road and they had to cut the tree and move it over. It’s a road that presents issues.”

NVI crews clear the road from the Gold River turnoff to the mine while Department of Highways contractor, Emcom Services Inc., clears the highway east from the junction to Campbell River. Jansen says there are a variety of options the company is exploring. One is having the highway closed for brief periods while surface crews get ahead of unsafe conditions. Another is better communications.

Wilson’s buses are in radio contact with NVI but not Emcon.

on its VHF channel. Jansen says he is exploring the possibility of having the company’s buses be in communication with Emcon’s road crews.

“Our bus drivers can’t speak to Emcom directly which is an issue for me and it is on the agenda. We will absolutely be in discussions,” Jansen told the Mirror.