Patricia Gagnon

Able to do great things in our community

Three questions for city council candidates – Patricia Gagnon

1. Recently we had the opportunity to participate in our Sustainable Official Community Plan.  There were over 1,500 participants who contributed their views and ideas on the direction the city should go.

In my opinion, one particular goal pretty well sums up the vision for Campbell River: “Campbell River will be a vibrant and lively community that supports and encourages community health, safety, economic prosperity and recreational opportunities for residents and visitors.

“Village and neighbourhood centres, the waterfront and our downtown will contain most growth and reinforce an easily identifiable character.”

I think that if we were to keep this vision in focus, we will be able to do great things in our community.


2. You should vote for me because I have the experience being on council and as a school trustee.

My portfolio included the Parks and Rec Commission, which worked with Communities in Bloom, and various trail societies, plus, I was the liaison for the Joint Advisory Planning/Harbour Commission, which was responsible for recommendations regarding land use, community planning, and harbour operations.

I also care about this community. Currently, I am the president of the Rotary Club of Campbell River (noon club) and last year’s chair of the annual TV Auction.  I am also just completing a three-year commitment to our local Air Cadets as vice chair of the Parents Committee.


3. With a new mayor and Council being elected, it is an opportunity to work with the city manager to explore a communications plan to improve the way they communicate with the public and the media.  It is imperative to provide relevant, up-to-date information in a timely manner.

Every tool that is used to communicate information and to be accessible to the public, whether it is through social media, or by traditional press releases, helps make local government transparent.