Woman charged after hundreds of rats removed from Ontario apartment

Hundreds of rats found in Ontario apartment

NORTH BAY, Ont. — Humane society officials say a woman is facing charges after hundreds of rats were removed from a one-bedroom apartment in North Bay, Ont.

North Bay and District Humane Society spokesman Daryl Vaillancourt says “most” of the rats were running free in the apartment when inspectors went there on Dec. 16, 2016, to investigate a report of a large number of domestic rats being kept in an apartment.

Vaillancourt says the woman voluntarily surrendered nearly 600 rats, which were removed from the apartment over several days.

The rats were transferred to other humane societies and Ontario SPCA animal centres across the province where they will be sent to new homes.

A 51-year-old woman is to appear in North Bay court on Feb. 3 to face four Ontario SPCA Act charges.

She is accused of permitting distress, failing to provide sanitary living conditions, failing to provide care necessary for general welfare, and failing to provide adequate and appropriate medical attention.

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