UNB looking for women’s hockey coach after team reinstated to varsity status

UNB looking for women's hockey coach

FREDERICTON — The University of New Brunswick is on the hunt for a full-time coach for its women’s varsity hockey team, as the squad returns to varsity status following a 10-year absence and a lengthy battle over human rights.

A recent job posting says the eligible candidate will be responsible for “providing all coaching duties consistent with the operation of a successful inter-university sport program.”

The coach will spend the first several months on student-athlete recruitment, planning and preparation ahead of the season, as the team won’t start competing until the 2018-19 season.

The university downgraded the team to a sports club in 2008, citing funding issues.

But after a complaint from former player Sylvia Dooley, the province’s Labour and Employment Board ruled last March that the university discriminated on the basis of sex and ordered the team’s reinstatement to varsity status.

The university sought a judicial review of that ruling, but said in December that it had agreed to withdraw the application after the parties entered into a settlement conference. (CKHJ)


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