Police nab suspended driver who comes to the aid of suspended driver

Suspended driver comes to aid of suspended driver

WOODSTOCK, Ont. — Trying to do a friend a kindness didn’t quite go as planned for a Woodstock, Ont., man.

Early Sunday morning local police pulled over a 35-year-old man at a traffic stop and ended up suspending his license for three days after a breathalyzer test indicated he’d been drinking.

The man had a passenger with him, but police say he couldn’t take over driving duties because his license had been suspended due to unpaid fines.

So the two stranded men then decided to call a buddy to come and get them.

The obliging friend arrived just minutes later, but when police ran a check on the 33-year-old man they learned that his driver’s license was also under suspension because of unpaid fines.

The man is now scheduled to appear in traffic court on April 6, and police note the minimum fine for driving with a suspended license is $1,000.


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