NATO without U.S. means Canada will have to do more, says committee chair

NATO without U.S. means Canada to do more: MP

OTTAWA — The head of the House of Commons foreign affairs committee says Canada will have to contribute more to NATO if the U.S. follows through on president-elect Donald Trump’s musings on withdrawing from the alliance.

Liberal MP Bob Nault cautions that Canada and its NATO partners need to see how U.S. foreign policy formally takes shape after Trump’s Friday inauguration.

But he says Canada remains committed to the 28-country alliance, and can’t let it become weakened if the U.S. â€” its largest financial and military contributor â€” scales back its involvement.

Nault is leading an all-party delegation to Latvia and Poland, two of NATO’s eastern European members and nervous neighbours of Russia, which annexed part of Ukraine almost three years ago.

The House of Commons foreign affairs committee will also travel to Ukraine as well as Kazakhstan on the 12-day fact finding mission.

The visit is timely given Trump’s frequent compliments directed at Russian President Vladimir Putin and his renewed criticism that NATO is “obsolete.”

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