Cause of house fire where elderly mother, sons found under investigation

Fire officials probe cause of fatal blaze

ST. GEORGE, N.B. — Fire officials will sift through the burned remains of a home in New Brunswick where the bodies of an elderly mother and her three sons were found.

The home in the small community of St. George was hit by fire Tuesday, leading to the discovery of Esther Boyd, who was in her 80s, and her sons Davey, Billy and Robbie.

Rick Doucet, the area’s member of the legislature, said one of the sons was an honorary firefighter and the family was well-known in the town of 1,500 in the southwest corner of the province.

Neighbour Eleanor Blackier, who lives across the street, says she spotted smoke pouring from the Boyds’ front door at around noon with the smoke appearing to discolour the windows.

It wasn’t clear yet what caused the fire, but it is under investigation.

Shirley Ingalls, a long-time friend of the family, says the town is in a state of shock.

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