MacLean running for school trustee in Campbell River

Candidate says board should be political neutral and uphold free speech


Vanessa MacLean has announced she is seeking election as a school trustee in Campbell River.

She was born, raised and educated here in Campbell River under School District No. 72.

“I had a wonderful educational experience within our public school system and hope to ensure the same for this generation of children,” she says. “I was in an environment where I felt supported in both my personal and educational pursuits.”

She says it appears much has changed since her graduation from Timberline in 2001 as parent, teacher and student rights are being jeopardized.

“Political ideologies with unscientific bias are infiltrating our schools at a rapid rate, and are now being forced upon our children’s learning outcomes. It is critical that our schools once again uphold political neutrality within the education system, and that freedom of speech be given precedence in a learning environment that should foster diverse views and healthy debate.”

MacLean says a thriving education is one that promotes critical thinking and respectful dialog.

“Under no circumstance should bullying ever be tolerated in our school systems; rather, courteousness and respect for each individual should be upheld,” she says.

She says her desire is to ensure the board is upholding and exercising freedom of speech within the education system to contribute to a great learning and educational foundation where our students can enjoy, respect, and appreciate one another’s differences and views throughout these formative years.

“I also see the need for more parental/guardian involvement. Parents must always be honoured as first educators of their children, and should be given the opportunity to voice concerns, contribute to their child’s learning outcomes, as well as receive total transparency in what their children are learning in class, especially in matters pertaining to sex education and moral perspectives,” she says.

After working with some special needs students in this community, MacLean says she developed a great appreciation for the educational development of children with special needs and learning abilities, and she wants to bring further change to ensure a fulfilling education for this group of students.

“It is my hope to tailor learning to meet the needs of each child given the unique challenges they may face,” she says.

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