There’s more to business than business: it’s people that make the company!

Aaron Robertson and Apurva Parashar are both Associate Portfolio Managers at Alitis!

Aaron Robertson and Apurva Parashar are both Associate Portfolio Managers at Alitis!

While the investment world can be tricky to navigate, the right help makes it a whole lot easier.

At Alitis Investment Counsel, for example, a one-of-a-kind investing experience features a team of passionate professionals who guide clients through alternative investment strategies, bringing solid performance while reducing risk.

It is, after all, the people who really make the company.

For Aaron Robertson, Associate Portfolio Manager at Alitis, a passion for investing and helping others led to his career with Alitis.

“What attracted me most was that it would combine my passion for investments with helping people. There are many sides to helping people in this line of work and it means a lot to me when I hear from clients thanking me for my services – it’s a good feeling knowing I’m keeping their investments safe,” Aaron says.

For Apurva Parashar, Associate Portfolio Manager at Alitis, she knew from a young age that the industry was the right fit for her.

“I came from a financial background in India, where my mom was an economist and my dad was an investment banker. Growing up I had a very positive exposure to finance – it was something we always discussed at the dinner table. As I grew older, my passion was solidified and I determined this is where I wanted to develop myself as a professional and this was the niche I wanted to be in,” Apurva says.

Joining Alitis Investment Counsel:

The decision to join the team at Alitis was an easy one for both Apurva and Aaron.

“Working for a small firm like Alitis allows me to see how I’m actually making a difference in the lives of clients. It speaks to how we’re able to contribute to society and make a real positive impact – I get a feeling of being part of the community and trying to make it better,” Apurva reflects.

Working with a local firm also ensures a close-knit team who complement each other’s knowledge and experience – also beneficial for clients.

The firm’s reputation and unique approach to investments strongly influenced Aaron’s choice. “Having such a strong belief in the work done at Alitis definitely pushed me into a career here. Believing in the product and feeling that what we’re doing for our clients is what’s best for them makes work special. I’m able to do for clients what I would for my very own family,” Aaron adds.

To meet the incredible team at Alitis Investment Counsel and see for yourself the passion and dedication they apply for their clients, visit online or call 250-287-4933 to book an appointment. You can sign up for their newsletter to stay up to date on all the latest happenings.

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