Dr. Graham Sigalet, ND, uses evidence-based holistic medicine to guide patients to better health. Book an appointment today at Yellow Cedar Integrated Wellness in Campbell River or The Grove Health & Wellness in Courtenay.

Science serves holistic approach to better health

Collaboration in medicine ensures optimal health for patients

For Dr. Graham Sigalet, ND, optimizing his body’s performance has always been about embracing the science.

As a focused young athlete in the Okanagan Valley he studied nutrition and ordered textbooks to keep himself in prime health.

“On my Grade 10 volleyball team I was the one brewing up Ginseng teas,” Sigalet says with a laugh.

That holistic approach paid off with an athletic scholarship in men’s volleyball to Vancouver Island University, where he balanced sport and studies to become the school’s top academic athlete. His athletic success took him on to the UBC Thunderbirds, and his passion for performance brought him to the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine.

Teamwork on the court and in the clinic

On the volleyball court Sigalet worked with his teammates to win games – you can’t spike the ball without a setter. As a licensed naturopathic doctor he’s just as committed to teamwork, using the specialties of his colleagues to give patients the best chance at wellness.

“I love working with other practitioners. It’s not like it’s the naturopathic way or the highway. I use an evidence-based collaborative approach.”

At both Yellow Cedar Integrated Wellness in Campbell River and The Grove Health and Wellness in Courtenay, Sigalet frequently co-manages patients by incorporating the expertise of his colleagues. Conventional medicine, chiropractic medicine, massage therapy, traditional Chinese medicine: all can be used to find the best treatment plan for a patient.

“I see a variety of conditions come through the door. Everything from mental health to digestive disorders, chronic pain and cardiovascular disease.”

Sigalet focuses on patient education and empowerment while investigating the root cause of a condition. Treatments can be as simple as diet and lifestyle changes, or include supplements, herbs, pharmaceuticals, and intravenous vitamin therapies.

“No matter what condition a patient presents with, its about connecting with the individual, providing the foundations for the body to heal, and focusing on diagnostic techniques to ensure we are treating the root cause of a condition.”

Connect with experts and strive for better health

Sigalet knows that naturopathic medicine can be intimidating to some, but he aims to create a practice that’s welcoming to all.

“It’s about meeting patients where they’re at, and helping guide them to better health.”

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Sigalet, ND at Yellow Cedar Integrated Wellness in Campbell River visit yellowcedarintegrated.com/online-booking or call 250-504-0090. For service in Courtenay with The Grove Health & Wellness visit thegrove.janeapp.com or call 250-334-4844.


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