The new Growth Pool at Alitis Investments is just another way they can help you with your financial planning!

The new Growth Pool at Alitis Investments is just another way they can help you with your financial planning!

Get to work with this new tool for your investment toolbox

Introducing the Alitis Dividend Growth Pool + bringing new investment opportunities your way

Since its inception in 2009, Alitis Investment Counsel has advocated for risk management and the use of alternative and private investments.

Today, to expand their offerings for clients, they’ve complemented those strategies with their spin on a more traditional approach to investing.

“The introduction of the Alitis Dividend Growth Pool has allowed us to put another tool in our toolbox,” explains Chief Investment Officer Kevin Kirkwood. “With valuations in the markets, the timing is good to get back to the basics of investing.”

Alitis Dividend Growth Pool

On Jan. 1, Alitis launched the Alitis Dividend Growth Pool, designed to supply Canadian investors with a diversified, tax-efficient investment fund with a balance of dividend-paying Canadian stocks along with higher growth US and international stocks.

Additionally, for investors with taxable accounts looking to achieve strong growth with reduced taxes, the Pool offers an excellent alternative, combining Canadian equities that pay eligible dividends with global equities that provide both income and capital appreciation potential.

“One of the ways this differs from your other Canadian Dividend Funds is the balance between Canadian Dividends and Global Growth Stocks,” explains Thomas Nowak, Associate Portfolio Manager at Alitis Investment Counsel. “While Canada has some amazing companies, they only make up about three per cent of the global stock market. By only looking for eligible Canadian dividends, investors miss out on the potential in the rest of the world. The total return, even after taxes, could improve if investors were to look at the bigger picture – and it’s exactly this, that the Pool helps to accomplish.”

The Pool is structured to ensure that less tax efficient income from global stock dividends is utilized to cover the costs of the Pool rather than being distributed to investors. This allows investors to take advantage of the eligible dividends of the Canadian holdings, while also giving them the ability to benefit from capital gains from global growth stocks.

The Alitis team will manage the Pool similarly to their other investments, by diversifying as much as possible, using external managers to complement their internal investment approach, and by continuing to think outside of the box.

To this end, the Pool will use a variety of diversified Exchange Traded Funds to keep costs down, use external managers to provide a complementary investment approach, and maximize foreign opportunities without impacting the tax-efficient Canadian dividends.

To see if the Alitis Dividend Growth Pool is right for you, and to learn about Alitis’ Portfolio Management approach, visit them online to connect with them today!

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