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Create lasting connections with Campbell River’s International Student Program

Applications accepted year-round for respite, 5-month and 10-month terms
As a host family, you are more than just a provider of food and shelter; you become an international student’s cultural ambassador.

In Campbell River, host families play a vital role in welcoming and supporting international students, creating a home away from home that fosters cultural exchange and personal growth.

The Campbell River School District’s International Student Program prides itself on managing homestays, ensuring an exceptional experience for both students and host families. When you become a host family, you open your doors to new foods, activities and experiences, all while providing crucial support to students during their time in Canada.

For students, the program guarantees a warm, caring environment that includes carefully screened and oriented host families, a secure and welcoming home, a private bedroom and three healthy meals plus snacks each day.

Additionally, students receive ongoing support from program staff, with regular check-ins by a student wellness and homestay advisor. This comprehensive support network ensures that students feel safe, valued and integrated into the local community, enhancing their overall experience in Campbell River.

As a host family, you are more than just a provider of food and shelter; you become an international student’s cultural ambassador. By inviting a student into your home, you offer them a safe, welcoming and enriching immersion into life in Campbell River. In return, you gain the opportunity to share your love for the community and foster cross-cultural understanding.

Financial support for host families

To ensure host families are well-equipped for their roles, the International Program provides a monthly stipend to cover student hosting expenses. Additionally, host families receive training and ongoing support from a dedicated homestay advisor and program team, with regular check-ins to provide guidance and address any concerns.

This support system empowers host families to create a nurturing and inclusive environment for their international guests.

The program welcomes all family types, from young families and single parents to retirees. The common goal is to create a sense of belonging for each international student, making them feel part of a Canadian family.

Various hosting durations to fit your lifestyle

The International Student Program offers a variety of hosting positions to accommodate different lifestyles and commitments. Respite Hosts provide short-term support, hosting students for a few weekends during the school year or several weeks at a time.

Semester Hosts commit to a five-month period, perfect for first-time hosts or those with seasonal availability. Full School Year Hosts engage in a 10-month immersive experience, offering stability and a deeper cultural exchange.

Joining a community of host families

By becoming a host family, you not only enrich the life of an international student but also your own. The connections made and the experiences shared create lasting memories and broaden horizons.

If you are interested in making a difference and fostering global understanding, consider joining the Campbell River International Student Program as a host family.

For more information and to apply, visit Campbell River’s International Student Program website or contact the program team today at 250-830-2338 or by email at