Access a wealth of great business advice… through your insurance broker!

This insurance broker treats clients like family, offering creative solutions to business challenges

It helps to have a HUB International Insurance broker like Tracey Jackson on your side when you’re running a business.

Tracey Jackson has a front row seat for the hard work, heartbreak and creative thinking happening amongst small business owners right now. Layoffs, remodels, reopening, or early retirement? It all flows through her office.

As a Commercial Account Executive with HUB International Barton in Campbell River, Jackson doesn’t just sit behind a desk filing paperwork. She’s helping her clients find creative solutions to stay afloat.

“Every day it changes — I go from Motor Truck Cargo insurance for someone becoming an owner-operator truck driver, to yacht insurance for a family to live aboard. It’s so diverse all the time,” Jackson says.

The changes on Jackson’s to-do list every day are symbolic of the big changes happening in the business world this year, as owners find creative solutions to stacks of new challenges. Clients who’ve lost a company job and are taking the leap to starting their own business. Clients reimagining their business’s services, who need new insurance to cover their evolving operations. Clients navigating reopening who want advice managing risk to staff and customers. Clients opting to sell a business and pursue early retirement.

“We do everything we can to help our clients through the transition,” Jackson says. “I’ve been in the insurance business for over 20 years and have been in commercial insurance for the past 5 years. My clients are more like friends — we’ve been working together so long and I care about them so much.”

On your side

HUB has launched a Coronavirus Resource Centre with expert advice for business owners that’s current and constantly adapting to changes in the market. Resources are free, and available whether you purchase insurance from HUB or not.

“It’s a testament to who HUB is as a company that they’re working to get these resources out to clients. It’s about long-term relationships, not just getting the policy written for the premium.”

The pandemic compounded an already challenging insurance ‘hard market’ where insurers are reluctant to take on risk, which means a good broker is your best chance at finding insurance.

“A few years ago shopping for insurance was like going to a grocery store — good deals, good coverage, and you could pick up what you needed for clients,” Jackson says. “Now insurers don’t want to stretch themselves out, so it helps to have a broker like HUB on your side.”

Use the online resources, the specialty market experts and HUB’s longstanding relationships with insurance companies to give your business the best chance at success! For personal and commercial insurance in Campbell River, visit HUB International at 1241 Ironwood St.

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