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Ministry of Forests considering options for Beaver Lodge Lands trail repair

Trail washed out in spring 2023

Nearly a year after a flood damaged a trail in the Beaver Lodge Forest Lands, the Ministry of Forests is looking into options for a solution.

In an updated post to Facebook in late February, the Campbell River Natural Resource District (DCR) said there were unsanctioned attempts to bridge the gap in the trail, but said that “these structures have not been authorized and the trail remains closed from the McPhedran parking lot to the junction with the Beaver Pond Trail until further notice. Anyone accessing the Main Trail or attempting to cross at the washout, do so at their own risk.”

The district is reviewing different engineering options for a new crossing, a follow up email from the Ministry says. That process is being undertaken alongside the Beaver Lodge Trust Society.

The trail is between the McPhedran parking lot and the Beaver Pond Trail.

On Facebook, the ministry also said that “this is also a friendly reminder that the Lands are Provincial Crown Land and unidentified hazards may exist throughout the area. Visitors are asked to exercise caution when entering the Lands and to stay out during high winds and periods of inclement weather.”

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