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Campbell River Highway Patrol stops multiple impaired drivers in Courtenay

Immediate roadside prohibitions issued ranged from three days to 90 days
Uniformed police officer looks into the window of a vehicle stopped at the roadside. RCMP photo

BC Highway Patrol-Campbell River was on the job in nearby Courtenay on Nov. 4 looking for high-risk driving behaviours including impaired driving.

Between 4:30 p.m and 10 p.m., BC Highway Patrol (BCHP) officers issued a total of six Immediate Roadside Prohibitions under the BC Motor Vehicle Act for alcohol in-and-around the Courtenay area, as well as a 12-hour driving prohibition to a driver with a novice licence.

Staff Sergeant Adam Tallboy, Acting OIC of BCHP Vancouver Island, said, “We continue to target those who choose to put themselves and others at risk by driving while impaired. Although it is unfortunate that these drivers made the wrong decision, it speaks to the determination of BC Highway Patrol officers to making our highways safer.”

The immediate roadside prohibitions that were issued ranged from three to 90 days, depending on blood alcohol concentration, and were all accompanied by vehicle impoundments. Learner and novice drivers are required to have a zero blood alcohol concentration at all times while driving, said Cpl. Mike Moore, Media Relations Officer, BC Highway Patrol.