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BC Transit still experiencing Campbell River service challenges

Labour shortage expected to continue through the week of Sept. 11-17
The No. 3 bus in downtown Campbell River. File photo by Alistair Taylor/Campbell River Mirror

It will come as no surprise to anyone dependent on the buses but Campbell River Transist System continues to experience service disruption due to a labour shortage.

BC Transit issued a statement Sept. 8 advising customers in the Campbell River Transit System that “due to a current labour shortage, we are currently experiencing short-term service challenges.”

This labour shortage, expected to continue through the week of Sept. 11-17, is resulting in the need to sometimes alter schedules and cancel trips on short notice. BC Transit syas it understands the impact these disruptions have on riders and does its best to notify customers immediately.

Once a trip cancellation has been confirmed, alerts are issued on BC Transit’s website. Customers are encouraged to use the Transit App. They can also check for alerts regularly by visiting, where riders can also sign up for route-specific alerts that will be emailed to them directly.

As an example, 20 trips were missed on Friday, Sept. 8:

3:10pm #7 Petersen

3:55pm #4 Campbellton

4:23pm #7 Petersen

5:13pm #4 Campbellton

5:40pm #7 Petersen

2:55pm #2 Campbellton to Willow Point

3:25pm #2 Willow Point to Campbellton

3:55pm #2 Campbellton to Willow Point

4:25pm #2 Willow Point to Campbellton

4:55pm #2 Campbellton to Willow Point

5:25pm #2 Willow Point to Campbellton

5:55pm #2 Campbellton to Willow Point

6:25pm #2 Willow Point to Campbellton

6:55pm #2 Campbellton to Willow Point

7:25pm #2 Willow Point to Campbellton

7:55pm #2 Campbellton to Willow Point

8:25pm #2 Willow Point to Campbellton

8:55pm #2 Campbellton to Willow Point

9:25pm #2 Willow Point to Campbellton

9:55pm #2 Campbellton to Willow Point

BC Transit and its operating company in the Campbell River Transit System, PWTransit, are working hard to hire more drivers and are looking for people with strong customer service skills, who enjoy interacting with the public and supporting their community. If someone is interested in a career with PWTransit, they can get more information on Indeed. Note that the link (if you’re reading this online) and the posting will take you to a Comox Valley posting but that’s because the operating company for both the Comox Valley and Campbell River is PWTransit Canada, so the same posting applies to both systems.

BC Transit apologized for the inconvenience this may cause and said it continues to appreciate the patience of customers during this time.

For more information, visit: