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50 more students than predicted at Campbell River Schools

Increased enrolment means increased funding from province
The Campbell River School District head office. Photo by Marc Kitteringham/Campbell River Mirror

The Campbell River School District has more students than predicted in February.

District enrolment is up by 111 students since last year, according to provincially mandated enrolment numbers. The numbers, which were recorded on Sept. 30, help determine the funding the district receives from the province. In all, there are 50 more students than originally projected.

“If you come in under projection, the ministry will take money away from your district,” said superintendent Geoff Manning during the Oct. 17 board meeting, where he presented the numbers. “If you go over projection, the ministry will give your district additional funding.

“The good news for us this year is that it looks like we have come over projection. We hit 50 students above projection, for a total enrolment growth of 111 students, over last year’s numbers,” he said.

The new students are joining the district at all age levels.

Manning said this was good for the district because it shows that the growth is manageable, and that if the trend continues the district will be “in a really good place.”

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