Workshops help boost relationships

Campbell River Multicultural and Immigrant Services Association offering free workshops

  • Mar. 2, 2011 1:00 p.m.

A lot of people think “communication” is a very easy task.

As long as we have ears, then we can listen; as long as we have a mouth, we can talk. Perhaps you are only half right. With the much-improved technology, we have a lot more chances to interact with people from different backgrounds.

But as a two workshops on boosting relationships offered by the Campbell RIver Multicultural and Immigrant Services Assocation (MISA) indicate, listening and communication have become more challenging. Cultural and language barriers stop us from having an effective and heart-to-heart conversation. And that’s why we have to equip ourselves with special skills in order to facilitate an effective communication.

The first part of the relationship booster workshop is called “How to communicate when language is a barrier.” MISA has received a lot of requests from the participants from last year and decided to arrange this useful workshop one more time on March 14. Facilitators Naomi Wolfe and Kathie Landry will give you free tips on how you can communicate when language appears to be a barrier. This full-day workshop will also have a lot of interactive activities, which will enable you to practice your skills.

The second part of this relationship booster series is called “Compassionate Communication” on March 22, which is a half-day workshop. Compassionate Communication focuses on how to reach through layers of defensiveness and reactivity to one’s essential core. From there, we can transform a relationship into a deep and effective interaction. Experienced and famous facilitator from lower mainland, Raj Gill, will teach you how to communicate to the others in order to create and sustain healthy and positive relationships and resolve conflict.

Both workshops are free. Don’t miss this great opportunity to boost up your relationship-building skills! For more information, please contact Immigrant Welcome Centre at 250-830-0171 or