The annual New Year’s Day Polar Bear Swim at Saratoga Beach got a two-page spread in the new book

Vancouver Island pictured in living colour

Vancouver Island: Image is a newly-released book by Boomer Jerritt and Peter Grant

Part historical log, part travel information pamphlet, part photo essay, but entirely aesthetic beauty, Vancouver Island: Image, a new book by Boomer Jerritt and Peter Grant produced by MacIntyre Purcell Publishing might just be the thing that is missing from your coffee table.

Grant is the bestselling author of six books, including The Story of Sidney and Wish You Were Here: Life on Vancouver Island in Historical Postcards. He has partnered with Jerritt to create a document that truly lives and breathes the life we all enjoy so much.

Grant has selected and curated the photographs of the North Island College photography professor and professional shutterbug into an archive of sorts, placing the images amongst the added context of life in the Island, both present and past.

“My idea was to make it about the people,” Grant said. “In Boomer’s images, the people come first, and where they are is  almost secondary, so I tried, in curating them, to showcase that aspect of his work.”

Grant said that he hopes the book will resonate on different levels for different people.

It’s not just for the tourists, or just for the locals who know the people and places in the photos, but for anyone who appreciates the beauty of the Island and those who live (and have lived) here. The book is accompanied by a website (, where one can check out some of the photography and stories highlighted in the book, along with commentary from both Grant and Jerritt about their work and life.