Will and Faron Duguid row off into wedded bliss after the two longtime fishing guides tied the knot at the Tyee Club on Tyee Spit.

Tyee Club bell serves as wedding bells for Will and Faron’s nuptials

The ceremony was a great success, with the bride arriving in a row boat

Campbell River has been very good to my girlfriend (now wife) Faron and myself.

We spent three great summers working at Painters Lodge and getting a good dose of the fish stories that define Campbell River’s sport fishing community.

Joe Watson introduced us to the Tyee Club and the character building experience of rowing in the Tyee Pool with its complexities of time, tide and history.

We have yet to achieve membership, although Faron has come close. I have managed to row one member into the club, probably my proudest fishing achievement, on the rod or off.

When we finally decided to tie the knot, Campbell River was the natural venue, and September was the natural season.

The Tyee Club property, with its spectacular garden, views, and Chinook rolling just off the beach, seemed the perfect spot for the ceremony. We barely mustered the courage to ask, thinking that the hallowed grounds of the club would unlikely be available for a wedding, particularly at the peak of the season.

However, we were welcomed with open arms by the club, who went out of their way to be supportive. We were even treated to some excellent pro bono marital advice from veteran members.

The ceremony was a great success, with the bride arriving in a row boat borrowed from club members Jim and Judy Spiers.

We would like to thank the Tyee Club members for their welcome; as soon as life allows we hope to move to Campbell River and become fixtures in the Tyee Pool, although in more practical clothes.


– Will Duguid/Special to the Mirror