Dolphins jump up from the water during a trip through the Discovery Islands.

Travel through the Discovery Islands on a two-day cruise

  • Aug. 18, 2017 8:30 a.m.

Cap off the summer with a cruise through the heart of the Discovery Islands in a circle tour that weaves through this dense archipelago, famous for its racing tides and marine life.

The Cortes Island Museum is the host for this two-day program from Aug. 28-29, led by Mike Moore of the motor/sailing vessel Misty Isles.

Moore is the ideal guide, with decades of experience in marine navigation, natural and human history.

“These cold, rich waters are frequented by whales, dolphin and porpoise,” says Moore, “and there are scattered historical sites too.”

Moore, a gifted raconteur, will share stories throughout about marine life, Aboriginal villages, the age of European exploration, and the settlers who followed to brave a life on this rugged seacoast.

The return trip hugs the mountainous shores of the mainland, to pass through famous Dent and Gillard Rapids, where Spanish explorers of the late 18th century nearly lost their ships to boiling whirlpools off the mouth of Bute Inlet.

Overnight accommodation is provided by Blind Channel Resort on West Thurlow Island, accessible by water only and famous among yachters for the German and seafood menu at the Cedar Post Restaurant.

This family-run business was built upon the remains of a once thriving cannery and sawmill, which left colourful beach finds as the source for mosaic art pieces found throughout the resort.

The departure and return point for this tour is Cortes Island, with connections timed for the Quadra Island ferry. For details about this trip visit the Cortes Island Museum website at and the Misty Isles Adventures website at, or call the museum at 250-935-6340. The cost is $365 per person, which includes the cruise, meals while cruising and accommodation.

Dinner at the Cedar Post Restaurant is extra.


A group checks out the sights on board the Misty Isle which will take people on a two-day trip through the Discovery Islands Aug. 28-29.

Sea lions sun themselves on the rocks off of the Discovery Islands archipelago.

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