Stylists from Industry Hair and Body pamper the volunteers of Campbell River Search and Rescue at their base on Larwood Road last week as their second ‘Industry Takeover’ event of 2017.

Second Campbell River ‘Industry Takeover’ thanks Search and Rescue for their service

Mani-pedis all around for some dedicated community volunteers

It’s not often that the scene inside Campbell River Search and Rescue (CRSAR) on Larwood Road in Willow Point is this relaxed.

It’s usually a bit more about climbing ropes and communications strategies than it is about warm towels and nail polish.

But last week, the staff of Industry Hair and Body Care put on their second “Industry Takeover” of 2017, where they treated the members of CRSAR to complimentary haircuts, manicures and pedicures.

Earlier this year, the Industry gals took over an empty storefront at the Campbell River Commons to pamper the folks at the Campbell River Seniors’ Centre, but CRSAR was always on the radar for a takeover, according to Lauren Rice, who oversees the initiative.

Search and Rescue volunteers and what they do for the community have always been close to Sam Hubbard and her husband Raphael’s hearts, Rice says, “so it’s one she’s been wanting to do for quite a while. It was actually the first one they told me they wanted to do way back when we started talking about doing these,” but the Seniors’ Centre takeover just happened to come together first.

Now it was CRSAR’s turn.

“They do so much for the community, and they’re one of those groups that are so busy all the time but they kind of go unnoticed, in a way,” Rice says. “So we wanted to do something special to thank them for what they do.”

For anyone having trouble picturing rugged, outdoorsy people getting mani-pedis at a search and rescue training facility, yes, it was a bit weird for some of them, Rice admits.

“I think, at first, a few of them were maybe a bit skeptical and not entirely sure this was something they wanted to do, but once we got there, everyone just had so much fun. We even had one guy who got his toenails painted,” she says, “and he got his hair striped the same colours.”

The experience was special for the stylists, as well, in more ways than just being able to do something special for those who help so many within our community.

“They were nice enough to show us around so we could see all of the equipment they have down there,” Rice says. “It really gives you a new appreciation and respect for what they do and how lucky we are to have them right here in Campbell River, especially when you realize that they’re all volunteers. They’re an amazing group of people.”

There are more plans for more “takeovers” to take place this year, but Rice says she isn’t quite ready to commit to any “wheres” or “whens.”

“Let’s just say we’ve got some plans for some more fun,” she says, hinting that they may be looking for community support for a larger “takeover” event of some kind down the road.

“We’d like to get the public involved in giving back, as well,” she says. “We can do what we can do do these little things to help individual non-profits and organizations a couple hours at a time, but if everyone pitches in, we can look at making something big happen.”