Santa and his helper Elf are mainstays at the Campbell River Hospital during the Christmas season.

Santa and his Elf bring smiles to young and old

Twenty-seven Christmases.

That’s how long Santa has been visiting Campbell River Hospital. During that time he has shared countless oranges, candy canes and most importantly moments of good cheer. Santa Claus would probably do this all by himself because he knows the value of reaching out to others and engaging, even briefly, in conversation and laughter. Fortunately, he doesn’t have to.

A particularly dedicated elf has accompanied him for the past 17 years.

In addition, Thrifty Foods has made sure he is well supplied with oranges and canes.

Santa’s great skill is in bringing smiles to young and old. His great virtue, and that of his elf, lies in taking the time to spread moments of joy to those who are separated from their families and the pleasures of the season.

Take a tip from Santa, reach out, make someone smile today.