Jake Deeble gets that Prairie feeling at the site of the filming of popular TV series Corner Gas.

Riverite returns from Prairie mission

He did say it was hard to stay motivated when he was out in -39 weather

Jake Deeble has returned from serving a two year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Deeble served in the Manitoba, Winnipeg mission, which also includes Saskatchewan, north western Ontario, and a tiny part of Minnesota.  While there, he spent most of his time in Winnipeg, with a six month stint in Portage La Prairie.  During the latter part of his mission, he worked as an assistant to the Mission President.

This meant that he did administrative work, and also gave him the opportunity to travel throughout the mission.

Deeble was originally assigned to work in California, but due to visa complications, his plans were changed.  He started out in Vancouver before being reassigned to the Manitoba mission.

He then travelled to Provo Utah for training, before heading to central Canada.

Deeble explained that his mission was spent serving others.  He did this both by helping with physical labour, and also through teaching about his religion.  He especially enjoyed talking to people and getting to know them.

He was an outgoing person before his mission, and he feels he is even more outgoing now, and found that he could talk to anyone.

He said he “loved every minute of it. It was everything I’d hoped it would be.”

Missionaries also spend a portion of every day studying, some of which is individual, and some with their companion.

Deeble said he most enjoyed seeing the changes that occurred within himself and others around him.  He found every day rewarding and fulfilling – even if he just spent the day walking around and talking to people, he felt successful.

Although he did say it was harder to stay motivated when he was out in -39 weather.

Deeble said that while away, he learned that God loves him, and that “even though life can be hard and not always fun, everything will be okay.  I just have to put my best foot forward, trust it will work out and it will.”

Deeble plans on working in Campbell River for the next few months, and then will return to Alberta to continue his education in geometrics engineering.