Dr. Colin Levings will reveal fascinating details and facts of the salmon life cycle

Public Talk: Estuaries crucial for salmon survival

Why do salmon need healthy estuaries for their survival?

This question will be at the centre of the upcoming talk of the Discovery Passage Aquarium’s science speaker series on Wednesday, Dec. 7 at 7 p.m. at the Maritime Heritage Centre’s Rotary Hall. Looking through the eye of young salmon guest speaker Dr. Colin Levings will reveal fascinating details and facts of the salmon life cycle, and compare our estuaries to many others around the world.

Dr. Levings worked for five years on the restoration of the Campbell River estuary during the 1980’s before embarking on studies of salmonid ecology in estuaries around the world. He is a scientist emeritus with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans and adjunct faculty member at UBC.

The event will also mark the book launch of Dr. Levings’ new book on this important topic. Coho Books will have copies for sale on site, which Dr. Levings will be happy to sign.

“Salmon mean so much to Campbell River,” says Mark Wunsch from Discovery Passage Aquarium, “that we are happy to present a series of topics in our speaker series that are very relevant to understand the survival of our salmon, and their great influence on the ecology of  our watersheds.”

The society’s science speaker series will continue with another salmon story Feb. 2, with world-renown salmon ecologist Prof. Dr. John Reynolds from Simon Fraser University. Prof. Reynolds’ ground-breaking research has lead to a detailed understanding of how much our coastal rainforests and waters are fuelled by the salmon cycle.

Prior to the talk, there will be a free tour to the society’s new Explorer Lab at the Maritime Heritage Centre, their new education facility that offers courses and workshops on marine and coastal topics to schools, families and interested groups.

Looking for a great present or wanting to support Discovery Passage Aquarium – 2017 annual aquarium passes and society memberships will be for sale.