Osteos add stunning colour

Each year I see new colours and their popularity seems to go on and on

Wow! That’s the comment most people make when they first see osteospermums blooming (or osteos as we like to call them).

Osteos make a stunning display of colourful, daisy-shaped blooms so prolific you can hardly see the foliage. They bloom from spring to frost and there is no need to dead head them as the season goes on. They come in a large range of colours including white, cream, yellow, peach, pink, mauve, purple and orange often with a lovely purple centre that adds a lot of interest.

Each year I see new colours and their popularity seems to go on and on.

Oh, and they are deer resistant too!

When it comes to choosing what to plant them with they are an easy partner for many other plants. They look great with ornamental grasses and foliage plants. They are also stunning when paired with other Proven Winners such as the bacopa or verbena.

One of our lovely customers has planted her window boxes with orange osteos and blue verbena to make an exquisite combination. Another combination I like to put together is shimmery soft purple osteos, deep dark purplish-black Ipomoea (potato vine) and some silver such as dusty miller or lotus vine.

The yellow Osteos are so sunny and bright and would brighten up any garden or container and a great combination for these might be Crystal Place lobelia or another deep blue flower.

Osteos are also very versatile. As I mentioned, they are great for window boxes but they are also fabulous in containers or planted directly in the garden. Whatever combination you decide on and wherever you choose to plant your osteospermums remember to choose a location with lots of sun (at least six hours).

You will want to add a little Organic Mix to the soil at planting time and water them regularly so the get off to a good start and feed them with a liquid fertilizer though the summer.


– Shauna Lambeth, Campbell River Garden Centre