A world of opportunity awaits students as Disney comes to NIC’s Stan Hagen Theatre October 19

NIC students benefit from Disney exchange

NIC is one of six post secondary institutions across Canada to offer the program

Disney will host a special information session for high school students, community members and NIC students on Disney International’s Academic Exchange program, a partnership between NIC and University of California, Riverside.

NIC is one of six post secondary institutions across Canada to offer the program, designed for exceptional students pursuing careers in international tourism, hospitality management and business. Students earn an international tourism credential from a California university and applied skills at Disney International.

“My co-op experience at Disney was phenomenal. I would go back in a second,” said NIC student Brianna Faucher, who attended Disney in 2014. “I knew I was going to experience a lot of culture but I didn’t know how profoundly it was going to impact me. It changed the direction of my life.”

Faucher worked in five different stores in Epcot’s merchandise department. She had so much fun meeting people from all over the world she never felt like she was working. When Faucher returned to Canada she was quickly hired by a local restaurant.

“When they saw Disney on my resumé, they knew I had the skills they needed,” she said. “Disney taught me how to take a problem and fix it; they gave me the resources to turn a person’s day around.”

NIC student Kristin McColl worked in costuming, helping cast members with everything from basic uniforms to more elaborate apparel. Working in the Animal Kingdom, her jobs ranged from brushing Baloo’s fur coat, to preparing Pocahontas’s costume for presentation. She will carry the experience with her for the rest of her career.

“Having Disney on my resumé is incredible because the company is so well known around the globe,” she said. “It was an amazing opportunity to impact guest experience with a tourism industry leader.”

Disney provides students with a one of a kind applied learning experience that directly impacts their later career success. According to a study conducted by Academica Group, college graduates participating in co-ops and internships are more likely to find full-time work related to their long-term career goals.

Meet Disney representatives at an info session in NIC’s Stan Hagen Theatre, Monday, October 19, 11:30 am to 12:30 pm or visit www.nic.bc.ca.