Fraser Stewart blasts down the track.

Island scramble series is a ‘hare-racing’ event

Hare Scramble is a form of off-road racing that uses a combination of motocross tracks as well as a marked course

With the beginning of spring comes the beginning of the 2015 race season for the riders of the Vancouver Island Hare Scramble Series (VIHSS), and the excitement is high.

Similar to motocross, Hare Scramble is a form of off-road racing that uses a combination of motocross tracks as well as a marked course through wooded or other natural terrain.

The VIHSS takes place during the spring and fall, and consists of 6 races than are located around the island, such as Campbell River’s Motocross Track and Nanaimo’s Wastelands. Riders are separated into skill-based classes and compete against each other for points that will lead to a series win.

One of the series’ leading men is Jarrett May, a rider who competes at both a provincial and national level in the “Pro” class. A leader in the dirt-biker community, May was one of the founding members of VIHSS five years ago. Along with other riders, such as Campbell River’s Bob Stewart, he developed the series after witnessing the success of his first organized event.

“In 2010, I organized my first official Hare Scramble event at Whiskey Creek, Qualicum. The event was a big success and I then realized we needed a full series here on Vancouver Island. Over the off-season from trail racing, I worked day in, day out, organizing an official Hare Scramble series now known as the VIHSS.”

The birth of the series was the first step of many, as the same founders of VIHSS went on to create the full association/non-profit society of VIDRA (Vancouver Island Dirt Riders Association).

“We have over 10 official board members that are dedicated to making a difference, not only for the racing community but the off-road motorcycle community as a whole.

“We have already solidified two riding areas with our B.C. Government and are seeking other potential areas on Vancouver Island.”

May acts as VIDRA’s 2015 Racing Director, but in previous years served as the President. He is also the Team Owner and Manager of TEN FOUR Racing, a team he developed to nourish up and coming riders.

A Campbell River resident, Fraser Stewart, 17, is a seasoned rider of the VIHSS and a member of May’s TEN FOUR racing team. Riding in the Expert class in 2015, Stewart says that the community has helped him grow as a rider.

The beginning of the 2015 Vancouver Island Hare Scramble Series begins March 22 with THE KATOOM, at the Campbell River Motocross Track. Interested riders are encouraged to come mingle with other riders and join in the race as a new rider.