Shauna Lambeth hangs up a colourful hanging basket. With a micro irrigations system

IN THE GARDEN: Keep those baskets looking fresh

Even the most beautiful of hanging baskets only stay that way with regular watering

  • May. 21, 2015 10:00 a.m.

Shauna Lambeth


Even the most beautiful of hanging baskets only stay that way with regular watering and one of the easiest ways to provide this is with a micro irrigation system such as a Raindrip Container Kit.

Most of our customers are a bit nervous about doing it themselves but soon find that it is such an easy system to install they wonder why they didn’t do it summers ago.  I understand their feelings completely as I am fully aware that this kind of installation felt outside of my skill set but I too was impressed with just how simple it was. The kit can be installed with or without a timer but if you like to be away in the summer a timer is much more reliable than the kid next door.  Let’s face it, the kid doesn’t garden and doesn’t really know a flower from a weed (and also does not reading gardening columns so will not have hurt feelings).

One of the best things about the Container Kit is that it gives you everything you need to get started but you can also add to it later.  This means you don’t need to get overwhelmed in the details.

When I first got started with my system, I began with a very simple drip system for a few hanging baskets.

I gathered the tools required, the Drip Kit ($40), a small hammer, a pair of scissors, a cup of hot water (to soften the tubing) and began the job.  Fifteen minutes later I was done and I could not believe I had waited that long to do it.  The Raindrip system is really slick.  I’ve since added my deck planters to the system and a rose that grows nearby under the eaves of the house.

I could hook a timer to it if I wanted, it is just a matter of screwing it in between the tap and the beginning of the system but I don’t mind turning it on and off.   While it is running, I wander around enjoying my morning coffee, admiring the blooms on my baskets.