Mike Davies/Campbell River Mirror Sheena Gnos walks around the Creekside Way and Candy Lane neighbourhood Wednesday putting up posters and whistling for George, her beloved blue fronted Amazon Parrot.

Help George get home to his family

Search for Campbell River feathered family member underway

Sheena Gnos is spending the day today walking the streets and alleyways of her south Campbell River neighbourhood whistling.

She’s carrying a bundle of posters and roll of packing tape, and she’s desperate.

George, a family member for almost 25 years, escaped yesterday and, she expects, is scared and hiding in a bush somewhere. She would very much appreciate if people could keep their eyes open for him and let her know if they spot him.

“He could be scared and huddled in a shrub or in a tree, he could be under a fence or on a deck. He could be just about anywhere, and he’s possibly quiet because he’s scared and cold.”

The search crew asks that if people have some celery to leave out for him, it may help. It’s his favourite, and if he shows up to eat it, they could call Gnos to come get him, she says, “lickedy split.”

Anyone with information is being asked to call her cell at 250-668-8754.



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