Trevor McMonagle will moderate the next Philosopher’s Cafe topic – the future of the book.

Does the book have a future?

Will it be supplanted by the internet and electronic devices?

Is the book important?

UNESCO considers book publishing an essential element of the cultural health of a country.

But is the book doomed?

Must it change form? Will it be supplanted by the internet and electronic devices? Will our children read? Are there enough of us that still want to read a paper publication to make it a viable enterprise?

Come to the Philosophers’ Café Wednesday, Feb. 11, from 6:30-7:30 p.m. as Trevor McMonagle – teacher, editor and bibliophile – leads a discussion on the future of the book.

As with each Café, McMonagle will have just 10 minutes to introduce the topic, and then the floor is open for 50 minutes of moderated discussion.

Philosophers’ Cafe is a once-a-month forum at the On-Line Gourmet Cafe, in which speakers introduce a theme to the Café. All who attend can then join in respectful, non-partisan conversation, or just sit back and listen.

You are welcome to propose topics and introduce them at future Cafés. Themes should be of broad interest and national significance, and have an element of controversy to them.

Cost is free. The On-Line Gourmet Cafe is located at 970 Shopper’s Row in downtown Campbell River. For more information, contact