MARS invites everyone to attend its Open House Sunday

Celebrate Wildlife Week at MARS

MARS encourages the public to come to their wildlife centre during a one day event on Sunday, April 6

National Wildlife Week (NWW) is celebrated each year during the week of April 10, in honour of the late Jack Miner, who was instrumental in founding Canada’s conservation movement. He is credited with saving Canada Geese from extinction.

Throughout Canada each year, the week in which April 10, the birthday of the late Jack Miner, occurs is known and observed as National Wildlife Week, so that interested clubs, associations and organizations may, on the day of that week most suitable to them, disseminate information pertinent to wildlife conservation. MARS has celebrated NWW every year since 1995 in order to help bring about awareness of native wildlife and explore the many habitats where wildlife are found and the different species and how we can protect them.

MARS encourages the public to come to their wildlife centre during a one day event on Sunday, April 6 to see what they do to help wildlife in distress. Here you can view some of the enclosures that serve to rehabilitate up to 80 species each year, with on average 450 animals in care annually.

Their volunteers are busy planning the event with displays, a book and plant sale, and, of course, other merchandise, including posters, a bake sale and bird houses.

The event runs from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at MARS’ Wildlife Centre located in Merville at 6817 Headquarters Road.   MARS live wildlife ambassadors, Horus, Brinley and Shakespeare will be on hand for everyone to see and photograph while perched on their handlers gloves. Tundra, a wolf-dog will also be on hand to photograph.

Maj Birch, founder of MARS says, “Each year we celebrate this event and every year the public come to see what is new and how we help wildlife.  Last year we had over 500 attend this event.  MARS’ new mascot will be greeting kids of all ages and his new name will be revealed as many folks have offered their suggestions.

There will be other displays by local environmental groups, such as Nature Comox Valley and the Comox Valley Conservation Strategy will also be on site to discuss their programs and what they are doing to help  conserve wildlife and its habitat.

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