Timberline’s QSA meets every week after school.

Carihi benefits from clubs

Both Carihi and Timberline secondary schools run after-school clubs for students

Through juggling work, school, and homework, often times people may wonder how students manage to do anything else.

Both Carihi and Timberline secondary schools run after-school clubs for students; some join for academic merit while others just join for fun.

These clubs may be run for the benefit of the community or, even, the world on a more global scale, while some are just run to provide entertainment or a place to go for kids.

At Timberline’s musical theatre department, students get together and hone their musical abilities and put on a show for the school at the end of the year.

“It’s only my first year in it, but choreographing and practicing our songs with everyone is lots of fun. You become closer with people and it’s a really great place,” says Giovanni Doucette.

Ziggy Lane is another student in the musical theatre department, and he says “it’s a great way to display the talents we have and it brings people together, allowing us to meet people with similar interests. You really become a family there.”

Over at Timberline’s Queer-Straight Alliance, kids are brought together, and they “have a chance to be around people who share the same interests as them. Being around people who aren’t going to judge you for who you are gives someone an opportunity to really be themselves and expand to find themselves with the help of others,” says Jacob Kennedy.

Clubs are a great way to kill time after school and find ways to help yourself, and others.