Campbell River students slip and slide while live band performs

  • Jun. 22, 2018 9:30 a.m.

By Braden Majic

Carihi Mirror

It is becoming more of a tradition at Carihi to end the year with a summer-inspired event, which continued on Thursday, June 7, with “Human Slip and Slide Bowling.”

Despite the dreary weather and a few raindrops, it didn’t deter some people from participating over and over again.

“I really love participating,” said Grade 10 student Keely Elves after her fifth time sliding. “This better be back next year.”

Participants simply slid down the plastic sheet slide that was soaped up and wet from a hose to knock down pins at the bottom during the lunch hour.

Getting a strike meant being rewarded with a freezie at the end.

Last year, it was the “Colour Run” as Carihi’s summer event. It saw students running a course while getting hosed down and being splashed with coloured powder to turn their white clothing into a rainbow.

Clinton Macadam, a Grade 12 student participated in last year’s run as well as this year’s event.

“It is still fun and cloudy, even with the rain too, it can make people laugh,” he said in between sliding.

“When leadership hosts an event you might as well embrace it and have fun, there is no point in sitting back.”

While the event did have the same people cycling through the line up, dozens of people came to watch the event as well as listen to the nearby band playing.

Gargoyle City, made up of bandmates Max Gillespie Graham, Emmett Schanfarber, and Kyle Watson performed for the first time at school along with technical support from Keegan McCosh.

“I had a chance to get to know these guys just as musicians and really nice kids,” said media and guitar teacher Joe Shields.

“I have been working pretty hard now for two entire years to get these guys to play live in front of their classmates.”

When it came to playing that day the band decided “why not.”

Live bands are something that Shields has encouraged in the past and coordinated alongside Leadership events.

“I kind of had a feeling that if people still stayed sliding and got rained on, they would stay to listen to students do their thing,” he said. “It was cool to see how Carihi would get behind that.”

To stay up to date with this band’s next moves or to purchase merchandise and CDs, you can go to their Instagram page, @gargoylecity

As assessment week begins today, Friday, June 22, it is events like these that will be most memorable when looking back at the 2017/2018 school year.

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