Mark Lagos rowed as his eight-year-old son Owen landed a 43-pound Tyee salmon on Wednesday morning in the Tyee Pool.

Brothers battle for top Tyee

Nathan Lagos won the Junior Trophy last year, but younger brother Owen is in the running for big fish this year

When it comes to fishing, little brother has the upper hand on his older sibling.

Last year, Nathan Lagos, then 10, won the Junior Trophy at the Tyee Club for landing a 34.5 pound chinook salmon.

His dad Mark was rowing Nathan and the senior Lagos was back on the oars Tuesday morning, rowing for his eight-year-old son Owen who caught his first spring salmon, a 24-pounder

As big as that is for a fish, it was still six pounds short to get Owen into the club, which requires catching a chinook more than 30 pounds, using a single barbless lure.

Well, on Wednesday morning they were back at it with mom Kathy also in the boat. This time dad got Owen into the club, leading him to a 43-pound Tyee – the biggest catch of the season, so far, in the Tyee Pool.

“What a morning, we can’t wipe the smiles off our proud faces,” said Kathy.

Owen caught both fish on an Isfeld plug which he nicknamed “Blueberry Sunshine.”