Bella nurses her two cubs last summer in Glendale Cove. The grizzly family stars in the new Disney nature film “Bears” opening Saturday night in Campbell River.

B.C. bears star in new Disney flick

The “true life adventure” is set in Alaska, but during the summer of 2012

Psst, here’s a little secret about those “Alaskan” grizzlies in Disneynature’s new film “Bears.”

“Those are Glendale grizzlies!” says Dean Wyatt, owner of Knight Inlet Lodge.

The lodge – located in Glendale Cove 80 kilometres north of Campbell River – caters exclusively to grizzly bear enthusiasts and also attracted the Disney filmmakers.

The “true life adventure” is set in Alaska, but during the summer of 2012, the film crew spent about 50 days in Glendale Cove filming a mother and two cubs. They returned again last summer and spent 75 more days filming, but not the same mama and twins.

“They fell in love with Bella and her two cubs. They are, as they say, picture perfect,” says Wyatt.

The story follows the family’s wilderness journey to feed and survive. The characters are: Sky, the first-time mom, and her cubs Scout and Amber. There are two other adult bears, Magnus and Chinook, and Tikaani a “mischievous, scheming wolf who spends much of his time lurking in the bears’ shadows.”

The G-rated movie opened on Earth Day, but screens for the first time in Campbell River on Saturday night at the Showcase 5 Landmark Cinemas. Wyatt and friends will enjoy a private screening before it opens to the public at 7:20 p.m.

“It’s a great story. It’s totally Disney – totally sappy, but my mom thought it was the best movie in the world. It’s a great family movie,” says Wyatt.